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Monday, March 29, 2010


Ukiss went here for their album promotion (March 26 to 27, 2010). We went on one of their album promotion venue in North Edsa. It was a hard day but at the same time it was a cool experience for me, it's my first time to watch my idol in their live performance and since Manila is far from Laguna we planned to go there as early as 9 in the morning. Their show started at 4:30 pm but we came there 3 hours earlier. Though my legs hurts so much for standing there for 3 hours I still enjoy it by watching other fans sing-along with UKISS's songs. As their show started the fans screamed as loud as they can that I can't even hear the MC. I brought my friend's (KIM) video camera to record their performance, so I tried so hard not to move or shout while recording but the video is still not good. You can see how my arm shook so much from the video, because the other fans beside me tried to push me aside and the fans at my back are trying to pull me back so they can see UKISS. I never thought that it was that hard but I don't care.

UKISS was really cool... all the members were all present and they were all so funny.... I just kept on watching them. They performed with a lot of energy... I love watching them... It was so funny how Soohyun acted during an autograph signing for the fans and the part where he carried Kevin on his back (I didn't recorded it.. i missed that one...T^T)... It was also funny when kevin, Kiseop, and Eli did some sexy dance... Kevin danced to SNSD's "OH!", so cute~... They were all so nice.. Oh! speaking of nice! Soohyun was so cool for helping a young girl, she was a one of their fan of course... the young girl was crying (i don't know the reason) then one of the staff talked to that girl and went to Soohyun, then Soohyun comforted her and singed her CD, gave her a poster, and helped her walked down the stairs... what a lucky girl... For being HOT, I like how Soohyun and Eli show their sexiness in front of everyone... kkkyyyaaaa!!!!... Oh sorry, I just carried away from remembering their show... well It was a long day for me and to them... I will just end the story here... me, the other fans, and even UKISS had a great time... so i'm looking forward to their concert here in May 29, 2010... UKISS FIGHTING!